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    Dynamic Map of Human-European Interaction

    herself like any ordinary Christian; and now, instead of ringing the

    I replied that I should have known her, anywhere Which was

    ‘Mr Dick,’ said my aunt, ‘you have heard me mention David

    oughtn’t it? Ah! What’s that game at forfeits? I love my love with

    carriage a moment—if you can spare a moment I want to speak to

    She was very kind to me She kept me there all day, and left me

    I said I was going to be brought up there, I believed, as long as I

    door and left there These offerings of affection were of a most

    continuing all the time to shake her head (which was very much

    Who said I would spoil her teeth. He low roar

    heavier at heart when I packed up such of my books and clothes as

    shut against him henceforth, and yours, I take it for granted, are

    Again I contend that we are no farther advanced than we were

    he required, when he caught hold of my hand, and gave it a

    of his ability, when he asked me for it confidentially, as if he had

    more, and never any less: and yet, invariably, however far I might

    forgot Dora for a little while I am satisfied that Mr and Mrs

    that appearance with a sort of awe, and wondered what he was

    ‘No doubt!’ returned Miss Murdstone, though, I thought, not

    ‘Oh! I don’t know,’ said Peggotty ‘Don’t ask me I wouldn’t have

    resolution,’ said my aunt, shaking her cap at me, and clenching

    ‘A positive fool,’ said Miss Murdstone ‘Who else could compare

    education in hand again, or of Miss Murdstone’s devoting herself

    should be more independent altogether, you see; let alone my

    getting on very satisfactorily together The conditions being now


    ‘Perhaps boy,’ my mother took the liberty of putting in

    before those emoluments are strictly due and payable All I can

    David Copperfield


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