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    Human Dynamic Diagram of Intersection

    I had two or three shillings of my week’s money in my pocket—

    ‘Why?’ I asked him

    fancied he must have some other meaning

    At length, much to my relief, my aunt and Mr Wickfield came

    if for life Every barn in the neighbourhood, every stone in the

    leisure, before Peggotty came down, even to think more leniently

    ‘Yes, very well,’ I returned

    lady of portentous appearance, sitting before the fire, with her

    manner, and Mr Dick did not go into the house until my aunt had

    know that, but for the mercy of God, I might easily have been, for

    offered them back to him ‘I will not deprive you of them Miss

    was more sorry for that than for my going away I felt it sorely I

    ‘I thank you, sir, if you please’; and with that, and with a little

    Mrs Gummidge But Mrs Gummidge was not the only person

    hand, that, though the freshness of the sea-wind was on his face,

    He stands before me again, his bluff hairy face irradiating with a

    so that Peggotty had to prepare a long and elaborate scheme, a

    manner, and his benevolent solicitude for her, if they were capable

    and his little black breeches, with the rusty little bunches of

    tumble down before I get to the old place, at a point where I was

    There was a gridiron in the pantry, on which my morning

    As to originating a banking-business, I may know that there are

    us You really are a Boon, you know’

    my youthful fancy, like the glasses out of spectacles

    extraordinary curtness, Mr Heep, uncomfortably clutching the


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